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11 Nov 2011

The King Of Rock & Roll Completely


 Well, thank you very much!

As well as writing, every now and again I dabble in art.
When I saw this picture of Elvis, I just had to paint it.  In the paint box was a pack of acrylic tubes with the cellophane still on, crying out to be opened.  This portrait is the result.
I'd never used acrylics prior to this - not as workable as watercolour, but the definition takes less time to achieve.
The light was quite pleasing, too - there's a definite sense of a sweep to the hair.
The monochrome bits in my G+ profile probably represent what I'd call my style, if such a thing exists; I love black and white - simple, powerful.
But this was worth having a pop, before I have a crack at oils.
Next up, Mona Lisa...
...mmm, maybe a bit more practise, first.
Zeb. x