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17 Sep 2011

Star Wars I–VI on Blu Ray @

I can remember it, now, as if it were yesterday.
   Yes, I know you hear that all of the time, but, if I close my eyes tight enough, I’m back in time to Whitsun, 1977.  Almost a man at the age of six and three-quarters, my sister and I were on school holidays, with the big six-week break just a few weeks away. 
   We were going to Weston-Super-Mare that summer, I recall.  I'd overheard our folks talking about going to ‘Western’.  Oh, how disappointed was I when my mom explained in the Cortina on the A5 that there weren’t going to be Wigwams, Cowboys or Indians when we got there?!  I digress, sorry; that was to be in July, but here we are only in May.
   The sun was glaring down, tanning the ass off the grass, Woolworths were anticipating another “’76” and their shelves were crammed with suntan lotion, water pistols and swimming trunks and my dad had just told me to put my first purple chopper away.
   Which I thought was totally unreasonable: I had wanted to ride it to Bradley Park to play football with Stu & Dean; he wanted to take my sister and I to the cinema to see Star Wars.  In this weather!
   But, it was the holiday week, we rarely got to see him (he was working on ‘the insurance’ and we were nearly always in bed when he got home) and I think mom had had enough of me bringing everyone in for a soda-stream.
   So, we agreed to go, me and Kirsty, my sister.  At that age, she (having just turned four) agreed with everything I said (that didn’t last much longer!), and I was about to have my first encounter with ‘The Force’.
   So, I put on my (imitation) leather pilot jacket, white t-shirt and blue jeans and The Black Country’s mini-me of Arthur Fonzerelli was about to hit the picture house for the very first time.

16 Sep 2011

Test post for What a Kindle Day

In theory, this should have a load of links direct to amazon.
When I type in The Jam as HTML, it should Link to The Jam on
Likewise, if I was to say that All Mod Cons was my favourite album by The Jam and type in this All Mod Cons it should point to All Mods Cons & The Jam.
But if I type in this All Mod Cons it will bring up a page of mp3's by The Jam And finally, this: how ‘kin cool is this? will take me to the ASIN product for that code with the phrase I dig this item as the link. 'Kin Ace



To be honest, I am not very fond of my own company. Likewise, my co-inhabitants of this new-found realm (details of which are still sketchy, at best) seemingly share that same distaste.

Given the choice, we’d all rather be elsewhere, but a status quo subsists for an indeterminable future... 
... wherever that materialises. This predicament may impair my ability to relate this tale, which is due, in no small part, to my closest acquaintance, whom I thought had accompanied me on this sojourn.

“Now don’t you get blaming me, Seamus”

Ah, Nick. Speak of the devil.

“Well, quite. How remiss, Seamus, that it was the utter depth of your desperation that summoned me forth and consequently condemned you, thus.”

Forget? If only. But now you’re back, Nick, given my current indisposition, would you oblige?

“Of course, Seamus. I’ll indulge you. Again. Stop me only when I lose you.”

Understood, Nick; pray, continue…

“Firstly, dear reader, please allow me to introduce myself, although some of you must surely recognise me already.

“Names, they are legion: Old Nick, as yer man Seamus here prefers; Lucifer; Satan; Memnoch. And for those who daren’t even mention my moniker, I’m that fork-tailed, goat-hoofed, horned imp you utilise to personify your every misdemeanour and inadequacy.”

But are you real, Nick?

“You conjure me, see me, feel me, need me; allow me gratis accommodation in your conscience and say ‘thank yer’ for the privilege. My questionable existence can only be determined by ‘Free Will’, of which you’re in control, right?

“Devil Incarnate? Perhaps. In disguise? Never.”