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14 Oct 2011

Avenging Angel

            And so the witch woke,
Another year passed;
Night's shadows in smoke,
Legions rising fast.

A Vampire, a ghoul,
Lycanthropic moon;
Necks slobbered with drool
Howls have started soon!

Cauldrons a-bubble,
A hex on the cursed;
Imps numbers double,
Lust brings out their worst;
Ending in trouble,
Lest they slake their thirst.

Now they assemble,
Our coven, undead;
Townsfolk all tremble:
Where could they have fled?

Devil leaves his lair,
Sanctioning slaughter;
All first-born despair:
Ev'ryone's daughter.

Too late, trick or treat:
Vanquished humans die;
Eve's sin too complete;
End of Days is nigh!

• a TARCIP, by

A Tarcip - twin-acrostic rhyming couplet iambic pentameter

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