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16 Oct 2011

16 days to NaNo & counting

Well, we're a little over a fortnight away to 30 days of non-stop scribing that is NaNoWriMo!
Google+ is a great place for ideas and inspiration from experienced NaNonians, but, if I'm honest, I'm having a helluva game keeping up with everything on that platform.

I started building a file that encompassed all of the snippets that were zipping past me in the stream (which has become this little website) when I thought, 'hey, surely all G+'ers entering NaNo may want a part of this'.

I'd love this site to be a collective, a place to step away from the mainstream, collect our thoughts and be somewhere where we can lean on others, should that need arise.

So, if you have lost your plot or your muse has decided to take an unexpected vacation to The Canaries or are just curious as to what the competition is up to, have no fear.

Join DarrelldooGSpot for the duration (and beyond) to have access to hundreds of free tools, speak your mind in a community of like-minded NaNonians and back up and upload your story, either for security or further exposure - you choose who gets to see it!.

Zebedeerox awaits you with open arms to prove to the world that Google+'ers are the best in the biz!!!
See you on the inside. x

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